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New Political Struggles for Egypt’s Military

Much of the focus on the Egyptian constitutional amendments ratified on April 20-22 has been on those allowing President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to stay in power for an additional eight years and gain full control over the judicial branch. However, little attention has been paid to the amendments affecting the …

The Armed Forces and the Constitution: Amendments grant the military unchecked powers

Among the proposed amendments to Egypt’s Constitution currently making their way through Parliament is an unprecedented change to the defined role of the Armed Forces in the country. In all nine constitutions* since Egypt’s first in 1882, the military’s role was limited to a single task: protecting the country and …

Eight years on: Was Egypt’s 25 January revolution worth the sacrifice?

The past truly is a foreign country, just as Egypt has become to me. Three months before the seismic events of 25 January popular uprising I gave birth to my only son at a maternity hospital a few kilometers away from Tahrir square where many mothers lost their sons and …

‘Into the Hands of the Soldiers’ Review: Arab Spring, Egypt’s Fall

Uprisings tend to have two opposing parties. Egypt had four, each slamming the door shut just as the light of democracy began to shine through. James Traub reviews “Into the Hands of the Soldiers” by David D. Kirkpatrick.