Monday , 15 August 2022

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What you need to know about Egypt-South Sudan’s bilateral cooperation in water resources

The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation implements a number of bilateral cooperation projects with the State of South Sudan. In this article, Egypt Today highlights these projects in light of the long history of cooperation between both countries in the field of water resources.

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West’s turning a blind eye to abuses in Egypt is costing lives, opposition says

Egypt has been witnessing the “unprecedented brutality of the current regime” in the nine years since the Rabaa massacre, the head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council warned in a letter sent to lawmakers in the UK ahead of the anniversary of what has been described as “one of the bloodiest …

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When Crisis Looms: Egypt’s Approach to Regional Security in the Middle East

Global threats now throw shadows onto tomorrow, with nations struggling to keep up with climate change, glorified warfare, and the realities of resource scarcity. Egypt in particular has not only inherited global traumas—such as a lack of water security, food shortages, and inflation—but continues to grapple with homegrown concerns of …

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