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Religious Elites and the Egyptian State: An Ongoing Tug of War

In March, the Egyptian Ministry of Justice announced that they had finalized a new personal status law that aimed to create a better balance between the rights of men and women. Alongside this announcement, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reiterated his call for an amendment of divorce laws.

The Politics of Bread in Egypt

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine laid bare the stark vulnerabilities of the Middle East and North Africa’s reliance on imported grain. In Egypt, wheat imports make up roughly half the flour needed for its vast subsidized bread program—a fact that is an ongoing source of anxiety. Why is the Egyptian government …

Who controls Egypt’s religious institutions? How the top of the executive, security apparatus loom over the 3 institutional houses of Islam

Mokhtar Gomaa, the endowments minister and longest serving Cabinet member, raised eyebrows at his ministry in May, when he asked his aides to prepare a list of properties that could be attractive to foreign investors to help the state generate money, according to a source at the ministry.