Thursday , 13 August 2020
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Sisi the so-called secularist sets his sights on Al-Azhar

One of the most notable differences between an authoritarian and totalitarian regime is that while the first seeks merely to nullify its enemies, the second seeks to nullify everything that functions autonomously of it – even if the thing in question poses very little immediate risk to the stability of …

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Islamic Authority and Arab States in a Time of Pandemic

As the most populous Arab country and the seat of a prestigious center of Islamic learning and scholarship known as Al-Azhar, Egypt’s public order has long been intertwined with perceptions of Islamic legitimacy.

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Working Group on Egypt Call to Release Detainees

The Working Group on Egypt* calls on the U.S. government to seek the immediate release of American citizens and permanent residents wrongfully detained in Egypt, who are now in imminent danger due to COVID-19. The United States should also call for the release of the tens of thousands of Egyptians …

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