Thursday , 13 August 2020
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Egypt seeks extradition of Sisi’s ‘pain in Spain’

The Egyptian authorities are seeking the arrest of Mohamed Ali, a construction contractor residing in Spain. On July 21, the Spanish Ministry of Justice revealed that Egypt made an official request to the Spanish authorities to hand over the Egyptian businessman who resides in Barcelona on charges of fraud and …

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Sisi the so-called secularist sets his sights on Al-Azhar

One of the most notable differences between an authoritarian and totalitarian regime is that while the first seeks merely to nullify its enemies, the second seeks to nullify everything that functions autonomously of it – even if the thing in question poses very little immediate risk to the stability of …

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Egypt’s Sisi approves restrictions on retired army officers standing for election

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has approved legal amendments that restrict retired army officers from running in elections without permission from the military, according to an announcement in the official gazette on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

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Batel campaign calls on leaders, officers of Egypt army to act

Egypt’s lifeline is threatened after the Ethiopian foreign minister announced on Thursday that the Nile River has become an Ethiopian lake with a humiliating speech, stating: “The Nile is no longer flowing as it was before. It has become a lake that we use for development, and in fact, water …

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Israel is concerned about the growing Egyptian army and Sisi’s instability

Israel has, uncharacteristically, increased the number of reports about the increasing strength of the Egyptian army and its fears about the end of the rule of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in case weapons and military equipment fall into the hands of hostile forces, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. That is what …

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Cairo cozies up to Baghdad, condemns Turkish attacks in Iraq

Egypt has been facing off against Turkey not only in Libya, but also in Iraq, where the Turkish army has launched attacks in the north targeting the Kurdistan Workers Party, according to a June 15 Turkish Ministry of Defense statement. Meanwhile, Iraq has been accusing Turkey of violating Iraqi sovereignty and disrespecting the principles of good neighborly …

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