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The Egyptian army’s cheap tricks

How did we end up here? Founded some 70 years ago to consolidate the country’s recently acquired independence by national hero, Colonel Abdel Nasser, the military industry has become an obstacle to the country’s social and economic development and a cancerous growth on society as a whole.

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Intel: What Russia’s defense minister is up to in Egypt

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is leading a military delegation to Egypt today for the sixth session of the two countries’ joint commission on defense cooperation. He’s also scheduled to meet with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Mohamed Ahmed Zaki, the minister of defense and military production.

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Egypt’s new high-tech border security system in place

The Egyptian armed forces announced Sept. 2 the completion of the last phase of a border security system as part of a “new monitoring system” for the Border Guard Forces. According to the armed forces, the system would allow all members of the Border Guard Forces to monitor border security in …

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Pentagon pushes Egypt to fight counterinsurgency campaign in Sinai

In his first meeting with a Middle East nation since his confirmation as defense secretary, Mark Esper pressed his Egyptian counterpart this week to wage a counterinsurgency-style fight in the Sinai Peninsula.

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Egypt’s Defence Minister in Washington to enhance bilateral ties, first visit in decade

Egypt’s Minister of Defence, Mohamed Zaki, arrived in Washington heading a high-profile military delegation, according to a statement from the Egyptian Armed Forces. The visit comes upon an official invitation from US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper.

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Russia praises Egypt ‘stability’ as Moscow and Cairo deepen ties

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has praised Egypt as an “example of stability” in the Middle East thanks to its close ties with the Gulf countries, and reiterated his support for Egypt’s efforts to fight militants in the Sinai Peninsula.

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