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Aya Hegazy and Belady Foundation staff acquitted after more than 2 years in detention

Dual Egyptian-US citizen Aya Hegazy and seven others were acquitted by Cairo Criminal Court on Sunday of charges stemming from their work at the Belady Foundation for Street Children, the nongovernmental organization Hegazy co-founded with her husband.

Nadeem Center Issues New Report on Interior Ministry Violations Amid Government-Ordered Closure

Despite the order last month by Egyptian authorities to shut down the NGO Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture, the Center published a new report on Monday documenting human rights violations carried out by the Interior Ministry throughout February.

Prime minister promises new ‘model police stations’ to appease outraged public

The Egyptian government is planning to create “model police stations” to provide “distinguished services” to citizens, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail announced Monday, adding that the stations would open nationwide within two and a half years.

Insecurity under Egypt’s ‘security’ forces

“We are like God; we give orders to be obeyed,” was the blunt and blatant revelation from one interior ministry officer. This is the sense of superiority with which Egypt’s security forces operate, and the divine-like aura they carry around with them is mirrored in an escalating series of what …

Several complaints to release detainees, cease clear violations of the law

n the wake of continued violations by police and courts of renewing the detention of prominent political detainees on charges not punishable by law, human rights organisations, syndicates and individuals have issued several complaints demanding justice.

NCHR demands to visit prisons, police stations across Egypt

he National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) requested on Tuesday that the Ministry of Interior visit several prisons and police stations all over Egypt in order to implement a plan with the ministry to improve conditions in prisons and police station after the inspection.

NCHR to file complaint against Ministry of Interior over prison inspection limits

Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) will file a complaint against the Ministry of Interior over banning the council delegation to carry out full inspection at a maximum-security prison of the Scorpion in Torah Prison Complex in south Cairo, said NCHR member Kamal Abbas Wednesday evening. The Prison Sector …

Nadeem Center: Egypt’s security forces killed 474 people in 2015

Almost 500 people died at the hands of Egypt’s security forces and over 600 people were tortured while in detention in 2015, the Al-Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence reported on Sunday.

Interior Ministry issues report on human rights initiatives

Amid growing concerns about the state of human rights in Egypt, the Ministry of Interior published a report Saturday concerning the actions it has taken to address the issue in 2015.