Friday , 30 July 2021
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Rights groups call on Biden to condemn Egypt’s abuses, halt military aid

More than a dozen rights groups have urged the Biden administration to condemn the apparent request by Egypt to imprison an American activist and former political prisoner, and to not use a national security waiver to forward $300m in military aid to the country.

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Governments Are Using Spyware on Citizens. Can They Be Stopped?

Recent examples include the Canadian company Sandvine, which provided censorship technology to Belarus and Egypt; the French firm Nexa Technologies, which sold internet surveillance equipment to Libya and Egypt; and the U.S.-based company Oracle, which provided surveillance products in China. Western companies have a long track record of selling powerful …

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Abuse and torture in Egyptian prisons fuels ISIL recruitment: NGO

In the last six months of Mohamed Soltan’s prison sentence, he was placed in isolation in Egypt’s notorious Torah Prison, where he was beaten and tortured mentally and physically every day. “I was completely cut off from the rest of the world, with no access to daylight or sense of …

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Fears grow for Egyptians in US over Cairo’s transnational repression campaign

Apparent inaction from the Biden administration in the face of Egypt’s campaign of repression against dissidents abroad has led to a heightened climate of fear for activists and their families, Egyptian activists, academics and rights groups have said.

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