Friday , 28 February 2020
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Egypt builds a wall on border with Gaza

Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdel Khalek, the Egyptian intelligence officer in charge of Cairo’s Palestinian portfolio, arrived in the Gaza Strip Feb. 10 as head of an Egyptian security delegation that made a field trip along the Egyptian-Gazan border as part of the new Egyptian preparations to boost border security and prevent extremists from entering the Sinai …

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Security forces in Sinai on high alert after ‘deal of century’ announced, Drone crashes in Bir al-Abd, and Province of Sinai announces death of 2 members

As Sinai tribes held a celebration at Cairo International Stadium in support of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Province of Sinai group posted photos of the execution of two North Sinai residents, one of whom was a former government employee.

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Why Egypt is amending its terrorism law

The Council of Ministers approved Jan. 8 the draft amendments to Law No. 8 of 2015, with the goal of making more effective the measures to counter terrorism and terrorism financing. The amendments involve expanding the general prosecution’s powers of freezing the assets and funds of individuals and entities affiliated with terrorist groups or …

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Egypt’s counter-terrorism efforts paid off: Dar al-Iftaa Observatory

Egypt’s counter-terrorism and extremism efforts have reaped fruit, as the country was dropped out of the list of countries most affected by terrorism in 2019, said the Observatory for Monitoring Takfiri Fatwas and Extremist Ideologies at Dar al-Ifta.

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