Thursday , 8 December 2022

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Two Egyptian girls found dead at Syria camp hosting ISIL families

The bodies of two Egyptian girls have been discovered at the al-Hol detention camp hosting people linked to ISIS (ISIL) in northeastern Syria, according to local Kurdish security forces that administer the facility.

3 civilians killed, 3 kidnapped as residents flee village under assault from Province of Sinai

At least three civilians were killed at a village near the Suez Canal by stray fire from ongoing clashes between the Province of Sinai — the Islamic State affiliate in Egypt — and tribal forces fighting alongside the Egyptian Armed Forces, according to sources from Gelbana village who spoke to …

Explosive Return: annual report on human rights abuses in Sinai 2021

The Sinai Foundation for Human Rights revealed in a report published on Monday the continuing deterioration of the human rights situation in the towns of North Sinai. The most abuses, 35, took place in Bir al-Abd, followed by 24 in Sheikh Zuwayed, in addition to an increase in abuses against …

When Crisis Looms: Egypt’s Approach to Regional Security in the Middle East

Global threats now throw shadows onto tomorrow, with nations struggling to keep up with climate change, glorified warfare, and the realities of resource scarcity. Egypt in particular has not only inherited global traumas—such as a lack of water security, food shortages, and inflation—but continues to grapple with homegrown concerns of …