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Journalism Martyrs and Impunity- A Booklet of ANHRI Documents the Journalism Martyrs in Egypt Since January Revolution and Until Now

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), said 11 journalists died in Egypt in the period from January 28, 2011 until March 28, 2014, without sending most of the responsible for their murders to justice. The responsibility refers, according to the evidences and circumstances, to the Police “5 martyrs”, …

All According to Plan – The Rab’a Massacre and Mass Killings of Protesters in Egypt

The 188-page report documents the way the Egyptian police and army methodically opened fire with live ammunition on crowds of demonstrators opposed to the military’s July 3 ouster of Mohamed Morsy, Egypt’s first elected civilian president, at six demonstrations between July 5 and August 17, 2013. While there is also …