Thursday , 13 August 2020
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The Egyptian Authorities’ Grip on Local Culture: The Example of Mahraganat Music

Mahraganat, an electronic music of Sha’abi popular inspiration, has become one of Egypt’s most listened-to music. The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate banned Mahraganat artists from performing publicly because it considers their language offensive and vulgar and their songs unworthy of Egypt’s artistic productions. This paper examines the spread of Mahraganat as …

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Libya score-settling moves closer to Turkey’s borders

Turkey’s regional rivals are going beyond Libya as they respond to the scale-tipping Turkish military intervention in the North African country. Having declared a red line at Sirte and al-Jufra on the Libyan battlefield, Egypt and its partners are stepping up efforts to impede Turkey on the diplomatic front as …

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Sisi the so-called secularist sets his sights on Al-Azhar

One of the most notable differences between an authoritarian and totalitarian regime is that while the first seeks merely to nullify its enemies, the second seeks to nullify everything that functions autonomously of it – even if the thing in question poses very little immediate risk to the stability of …

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Egypt is cracking down on women’s freedoms on and offline. But they are fighting back

The jailing of five Egyptian influencers on charges of “violating public morals” over videos they published on TikTok has set a new precedent for controls that women face online, as well as the social limits increasingly placed upon them.

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