Saturday , 28 March 2020
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Egypt: Terror in the name of state security

As stunning and outrageous as the recent mass trial and death sentences handed down for Muhammad Morsi – Egypt’s first democratically elected president – and dozens of leading members of his outlawed Freedom and Justice Party are, they come as no surprise. In a relatively short time since ousting the Morsi …

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New law preserves ‘catastrophic provisions’: Rights Groups

Local rights groups condemned on Friday Law 8/2015, which regulates terrorist and terrorism lists, stating that under the broad definition of “terrorism,” human rights defenders, political parties, groups, developmental organizations and other individuals ” may be easily labeled as “terrorists.”

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DCAF published a background note on the role of good Security Sector Governance in countering violent extremism in the MENA region

Individuals and groups who support or commit ideologically-motivated violence to further political goals tend to prosper in communities or states with a higher degree of fragility. In general, fragility is higher in states with reduced legitimacy, poor levels of public services, and weak rule of law.

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