Sunday , 29 March 2020
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Is the Popular Resistance back from hiatus?

Hours after eight policemen were killed in Helwan on Sunday morning, two different militant groups claimed responsibility for the attack: the Popular Resistance and the Islamic State. A third narrative also emerged, claiming that the attack was criminal and not politically motivated, and came after a fight between residents of an area called Arab Abu Sa’ed and …

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Dictators don’t stabilize the Middle East. They just create more terrorists.

Lately, I’ve noticed an increased number of American politicians suggesting that the Arab Spring was a disaster and that the region needs strongmen to stabilize it. Ted Cruz famously insisted that the Middle East was safer when Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi were in power. Rand Paul said the current chaos stems from the …

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Egyptian Islamic Jihad founder: annihilate terror groups or they annihilate you

CAIRO — The Egyptian army’s military campaigns continue to target the hideouts of terrorist groups in Sinai Peninsula that from time to time claim responsibility for the attacks carried out against the army and police. The latest such attack took place March 19, targeting a security checkpoint in the city of …

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Kerry commends Egypt’s ‘counterterrorism efforts’ during FM Washington visit

Egypt is an important ally to the United States when it comes to combatting the many challenges facing the Middle East, United States Secretary of State John Kerry said late Wednesday during a meeting with Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, who arrived in Washington to participate in the Nuclear Security …

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