Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Egyptian-Chinese naval forces begin joint training in Mediterranean sea

Egyptian-Chinese Naval forces began on Wednesday a maritime exercise within the boundaries of the northern maritime fleet in the Mediterranean sea. The training features the participation of several Egyptian warships and the Chinese destroyer XIAN-153, said military spokesperson Tamer al-Refeai.

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Egypt, Russia and Belarus participate in joint military exercise in Moscow

Egypt’s army spokesperson Tamer El Refa’ai said on Tuesday that Egyptian a group of airborne forces left the country to partake in a joint military exercise that will take place in Russia on Tuesday, with the participation of military forces from Russia and Belarus.

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University staff in Egypt receive military training

The Egyptian government is organizing training sessions for second- and third-rank university professors, administrators and employees to train them in leadership and organizational skills at Nasser Higher Military Academy, under the supervision of sociology professors and military generals.

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Greece, Cyprus, Egypt begin military training in Mediterranean

The Egyptian armed forces announced on Monday the launch of the Egyptian-Greek-Cypriot joint Medusa 8 military training that will feature the participation of members of the Egyptian, Cypriot, and Greek naval, air, and special forces and will continue for several days within Egypt’s Mediterranean Sea.

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