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Has Egypt succeeded in calming situation on Gaza border?

In an attempt to ease the tensions flaring up on the borders between Israel and the Gaza Strip since mid-January, Egyptian intelligence resumed its mediation between Hamas and Israel on Feb. 10. The escalation came after Palestinian groups launched incendiary balloons and rockets from the Gaza Strip toward southern Israel, and …

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Why is Egypt seeking African military force?

During the African Union (AU) Summit in Ethiopia Feb. 9, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi put forward a proposal to hold an African summit aimed at establishing a joint African military force to combat terrorism. “The most important challenges facing Africa the past year — during which Egypt chaired the …

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Egypt revives idea of creating central Sinai province

Egypt seems determined to create a central Sinai governorate, carving out parts of the peninsula’s existing northern Sinai and southern Sinai provinces. The result, officials hope, will reduce terrorism in the area and allow the country to take advantage of the region’s potential.

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Security Assistance in the Middle East: A Three-Dimensional Chessboard

The United States, Russia, and Iran have chosen markedly different approaches to security assistance in the Middle East, with dramatic implications for statebuilding and stability.

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Security forces in Sinai on high alert after ‘deal of century’ announced, Drone crashes in Bir al-Abd, and Province of Sinai announces death of 2 members

As Sinai tribes held a celebration at Cairo International Stadium in support of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Province of Sinai group posted photos of the execution of two North Sinai residents, one of whom was a former government employee.

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We need to consider how the Egyptian revolution will succeed

Nine years have passed since Egypt’s 25 January Revolution, and this compels me to contemplate that historic moment in a nation that has not risen up since 1919. A popular revolution is generally the most honourable human action in sociological terms, because it is usually a response to official injustice. …

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