Tuesday , 7 February 2023

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A Road to Reform?… Three targeted recommendations would help transform the military economy in Egypt.

The role of military agencies in Egypt’s economy has received growing attention, in parallel with its dramatic expansion in scale and scope since the armed forces took power in July 2013, and especially since Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi became president the following year.

Conflicts, Pandemics and Peacebuilding: New Perspectives on Security Sector Reform in the MENA Region

The Covid-19 pandemic is not only a health challenge. In the MENA region, against the backdrop of protracted conflicts, instability, and an overall deterioration in socio-economic conditions, the coronavirus crisis adds another layer of vulnerability and has already had long-lasting repercussions on human security across the region.

Institutional Reform in the Arab World: Problems, Challenges, and Prospects

As Arab revolutions emerged, they created different prospects and possible courses for institutional reform. In spite of direct challenges, these revolutions have opened the door for reform in the security sector in many Arab countries, and in very least allowed a discussion of the problematic areas in this reform process. …

Lieutenant General Hegazy II: Egypt’s new chief-of-staff

Mohamed Farid Hegazy was installed as the Armed Forces chief-of-staff on Saturday night, replacing the military’s former top official Mahmoud Hegazy, who will now take up a role as a presidential advisor on strategic planning and crisis management, according to a statement issued by the Armed Forces spokesperson.

‘Women in Egypt’s Army’: A Demand Aiming for Equality Usually Met With Sexism

Campaigns calling for military service to be available for Egyptian females are in constant growth each year. In Egypt’s Fourth National Youth Conference, held in Alexandria in July, the calls were renewed on Egypt’s minister of defense Sedky Sobhy.

Former Central Auditing head Geneina referred to trial for remarks on corruption in Egypt

The State Security Prosecution referred Hesham Geneina, the former president of the Central Auditing Authority (CAA), to trial on Thursday on charges of disseminating false news. Geneina was summoned for interrogations earlier on Thursday and then remanded into custody pending investigations. He refused to pay LE10,000 bail, which means that …