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There’s no honour among coup leaders, General Sisi

In a rare moment of truth, the General spoke, invoking the wisdom of generations of coup generals who passed away before him. He said: “The honour of the fighter is that he does not conspire against his president or plot to topple him.”

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Why is Sisi so afraid of Egypt’s police?

Faced with a growing number of scandals, leaks and social media revelations from Egypt’s police ranks, the government of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has brought in a new law to silence and discipline the police.

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ISIS and Wilayat Sinai

The insurgency in Sinai has evolved over the past 15 years. Its stated goal shifted from supporting Palestinian armed groups in the early 2000s to controlling areas in northeast Sinai and fighting Egyptian security and military forces there. In 2014 the insurgent group Wilayat Sinai declared allegiance to ISIS. The …

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Activists denounce parliament decision to extend military protection of vital facilities

Several rights lawyers and activists denounced the parliament’s decision to extend the armed forces’ protection of vital and public facilities for five more years, saying that it will allow more military trials for civilians.

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Why Egypt banned its police from talking to the media

In a move that critics say will “further undermine transparency,” Egypt’s parliament on Aug. 9 approved amendments to the police authority law that bar police officers — including those who are retired — from providing information to the media without prior authorization from the Interior Ministry.

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The effective ways to fight radicalism

In March 2016, when the supporters of Islamic State (IS) wanted to establish a base in Ben Guerdane, Tunisia—a town along the Libyan border—it was the local population that rose up against them and worked with the security forces to defeat and oust them. They all vehemently worked against radicalism …

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