Sunday , 29 March 2020
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Egypt sets up national council to fight terrorism

Egypt established a national council for combating terrorism today, giving it broad authority to set policies aimed at “fighting extremism”, a presidential decree stated.

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Governing Egypt: Cohesion and Consolidation

A little over a year ago, it was still possible to speak of the ‘regimen’ of Egyptian president Sisi’s ‘non-regime.’ Power was dispersed, disparate, and given to erratic bursts of energy, that had far more to do with localised and internal disputes, than to an overarching directive from a cohesive …

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Cassation Court upholds final death sentences in Port Said stadium massacre case

The Egyptian Cassation Court upheld on Monday death sentences that had previously been handed to 10 defendants in the Port Said stadium massacre case of 2012, which lead to the death of 74 football fans.

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Alexandria police accused of torturing man to death

The family of Mahmoud Saeed Shehata, who died in custody on Tuesday, has accused Alexandria police of torturing him to death. Shehata was arrested on Monday for suspected involvement in the robbery of documents from the administrative prosecution office in Alexandria.

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Egypt establishes highly-trained special navy forces brigade in Red Sea

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated on Thursday the southern navy leadership, which is based in the Red Sea and consists of a special navy forces brigade. The step is viewed as a measure that would foster military efficiency between the Egyptian Armed Forces and navy based in the Red Sea.

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