Saturday , 28 March 2020
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The Egyptian revolution: What went wrong?

“These kids [protesters] should be arrested in a matter of 24 hours. And we can get them by getting their mothers, their sisters, and their wives. Whoever tells me ‘human rights’, I will hit with my shoes … my words are clear. We should get their mothers, their fathers and …

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The saga surrounding Egypt’s top auditor explained

As the chief of an organization tasked with monitoring the performance of other government entities, it’s hardly surprising that Hesham Geneina, head of Egypt’s Central Auditing Authority (CAA) has never been a universal favorite among Egypt’s public employees.

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Interior Ministry discloses whereabouts of 118 forcibly disappeared people: NCHR

The Interior Ministry disclosed the whereabouts of 118 people who were allegedly subjected to forced disappearances in response to an inquiry by the National Council for Human Rights, said NCHR Chairman Mohamed Faeq in a press statement.

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