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Sisi attempts to breathe new life into Egyptian security services

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Dec. 23 dismissed Maj. Gen. Mohamed al-Shahat from his post as director of Military Intelligence after three years on the job and appointed Maj. Gen. Khaled Megawer as his successor. Megawer had previously served as deputy director of Military Intelligence, Second Field Army commander and military attache at the Egyptian Embassy …

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Egypt ‘on the right track’ in military industrialization field: Army spokesman

Spokesperson for the Egyptian Armed Forces Tamer al-Refei said on Tuesday that the delegates participating in the Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX 2018) praised the modern arms in the Egyptian pavilion, which showcase that Egypt is “on the right track” in the field of military industrialization.

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Interior Ministry to accept law school graduates into Police Academy, phase out high school recruits

The Police Academy will begin accepting law school graduates at the beginning of the next academic year, as it moves to phase out high school diploma holders, according to a well informed source. While the political impetus behind the decision is not clear, and although it does not address broader …

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Amnesty condemns impunity enjoyed by Egypt security forces

Amnesty International has condemned the state of “impunity” enjoyed by the Egyptian security forces five years after the violent dispersalof the sit-in organised in Rabaa Al-Adawiya and Al-Nahdha Squares in Cairo in which hundreds of people were killed.

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The Military’s Immunity in Egypt

On July 16, the Egyptian Parliament approved the Law Concerning the Treatment of Some Senior Officers of the Armed Forces, the latest in a number of legislative maneuvers to consolidate the power of the presidency over the military and provide immunity to senior military personnel who might be accused of …

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Italy’s Martella praises coexistence in Egypt

President of Italy Sergio Martella praised the peaceful coexistence between Egyptians regardless their beliefs and religion. During his meeting with Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria on Monday in Rome, Martella said that there is no doubt that all Egyptians are united. According to official statements by Egypt’s Ambassador in Rome, …

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