Wednesday , 3 June 2020
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They Can’t Scare Us: ‘Egypt Won’t Withdraw Plans to Buy Russian Su-35 Jets’ as US Pressure Mounts

Egypt felt betrayed in 2013 when the US decided to freeze the supply of its Apache helicopters to Cairo amid its fight against terrorism, says an Egyptian expert. Since then, the nation has learned from its past mistakes and decided to diversify its sources of military equipment reaching out to …

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Intel: US approves $2.3 billion sale of 43 Apache helicopters to Egypt

The US State Department approved the $2.3 billion sale of 43 refurbished Apache helicopters to Egypt’s military on Thursday, specifically citing Cairo’s fight against Islamic State insurgents in the Sinai Peninsula as among the two countries’ mutual interests. The State Department previously greenlit the sale of 10 Apaches to Egypt in November …

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