Thursday , 23 March 2023

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Egypt Muslim Brotherhood elects Salah Abdel-Haq as acting Supreme Guide to succeed Ibrahim Mounir

Arabi 21 learned that the Egyptian General Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood and its International Shura Council elected the historic leader of the group, Dr. Salah Abdel-Haq acting Supreme Guide, succeeding the late Ibrahim Mounir and that the move will be officially announced in the coming period.

Egypt is a ticking time bomb

Last week, Saudi writers and media professionals criticised the Egyptian regime, especially what they called the army’s “escalating domination over the state, especially the economy”, in the midst of the country’s biggest economic crisis ever, nearly a decade after the overthrow of the first genuinely democratically elected government since the …

12 years after the revolution, Egypt is no better than Syria and Iraq

The Mubarak regime was the most stable of the four military regimes that have ruled Egypt in recent times. The regime witnessed no violent demonstrations thanks to the iron grip that Mubarak maintained for 30 years. He surrounded himself with an elite of political, economic and media veterans to keep …