Saturday , 27 November 2021
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Political Islam and Democracy Crisis in North Africa

When the news circulated that Morocco’s leading political group, the Development and Justice Party (PJD), had been trounced in the latest elections held in September, official media mouthpieces in Egypt celebrated the news as if the PJD’s defeat was, in itself, a blow to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement. Regionally, …

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The Economist: Egypt is again under military rule, but Sisi lacks Nasser’s appeal

Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi invites comparisons to his charismatic predecessor, another military man who led a coup and smashed the Brotherhood. But unlike Nasser, he is no ideologue. He has core beliefs—an abiding faith in the army and a mistrust of civilians. Yet he shows no interest in regional leadership. Instead he …

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