Tuesday , 3 October 2023

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Presidential elections: An opportunity for the opposition to come out of the margins?

At the end of last week, several prospective opposition candidates took the plunge into the presidential election pool after months of behind-the-scenes deliberations around what running for Egypt’s highest political office in the current political climate would mean.

How Brute Violence Became Egypt’s Answer to Virtually Everything

Karim Assaad, a 30-year-old Egyptian journalist, stayed up late on August 18 to finish some work so he could enjoy the rest of the weekend with his wife and 2-year-old son. Before dawn’s light filled the skies in Cairo, Assaad heard aggressive knocks on their door. “We thought the building …

Will Egypt’s opposition put forward presidential rivals?

At a time when Egypt has been undergoing the most challenging economic crisis in modern history and the worst human rights record witnessed in decades, the country’s opposition groups have yet to agree on an alternative candidate to compete against incumbent president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi for the soon-to-come elections.