Wednesday , 3 June 2020
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Will Egypt’s military corner the coronavirus market?

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak in Egypt, the military took the lead in disinfecting state institutions to contain the spread of COVID-19. In addition, the Ministry of Military Production announced on March 24 that the military would begin manufacturing and selling medical masks across the country. Announcement of the army’s decision to sell medical supplies came at a time when retail …

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Mubarak dies at 91 but his legacy lives on: Corruption, impunity, brutality

When former President Hosni Mubarak was acquitted of corruption in January 2015, analysts had already predicted it as a foregone conclusion. For many it was evidence that the deep state existed. The deep state is a phrase that would regularly become associated with Egyptian politics after the 2011 revolution. Sadat, …

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The Egyptian army’s cheap tricks

How did we end up here? Founded some 70 years ago to consolidate the country’s recently acquired independence by national hero, Colonel Abdel Nasser, the military industry has become an obstacle to the country’s social and economic development and a cancerous growth on society as a whole.

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