Thursday , 8 December 2022
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The Politics of Bread in Egypt

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine laid bare the stark vulnerabilities of the Middle East and North Africa’s reliance on imported grain. In Egypt, wheat imports make up roughly half the flour needed for its vast subsidized bread program—a fact that is an ongoing source of anxiety. Why is the Egyptian government …

Egypt on ‘high alert’ as protests planned for COP27

Egypt has been placed on a ‘state of high alert’ after activists urged Egyptians to take to the streets on 11 November to protest against deteriorating economic and human rights conditions and Sisi’s political policies.

Egypt: New prison, PR gloss ahead of COP27 cannot hide human rights crisis

The Egyptian authorities are holding state critics and political opponents in cruel and inhuman conditions in Badr 3 Prison, Amnesty International said today, as Egypt prepares to host COP27, the annual UN Climate Change Conference, in Sharm El-Sheikh in November.