Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Egyptian Vlogger Shady Abu Zeid Will Remain in Jail After Granted a Release

After the court ordered the release of Egyptian Youtuber Shady Abu Zeid who, according to his lawyer Mokhtar Mounir, was arrested last May under “spreading false news and joining an unlawful group”, the judge accepted the prosecution’s appeal to resume the 25-year-old’s detention for 45 days.

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Egypt’s dirty war (part II): Surveillance for all

Surveillance for all   The Egyptian government created new bodies and enacted new laws to tighten its grip on local media and internet users, including a legislation that considers anyone with more 5,000 followers on a social media platform as a media entity, subject to prosecution over “fake news”.

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Egypt media told to keep silent on parliament arrangements to amend Constitution

Sources from the Egyptian parliament revealed that there are strict instructions issued by the intelligence officer in charge of the presidency, to newspaper editors and television hosts not to discuss under any circumstances the constitution amendments, which the Egyptian parliament intends to make to extend the mandate of Egyptian President …

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Sources: Interference with Uber app tied to company’s refusal to share user data with security bodies

A refusal to give authorities access to customer data and its data server is the reason why Uber users in Egypt have experienced interference in using the application over the last two weeks, according to two sources close to the ongoing negotiations between the government and the intelligent transport sector.

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Why being a journalist in Egypt gets more difficult by the day

It has been eight years since the fall of Hosni Mubarak and the Arab Spring uprising that briefly liberated Egyptians and their media from life under the one-man rule. Fast-forward to the present day and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi‘s government is doubling down, tripling down on controlling the news media …

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