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US to withhold $85m military aid to Egypt over political prisoners, rights

The United States plans to withhold $85m in military aid to Egypt owing to Cairo’s failure to uphold US conditions on freeing political prisoners and other human rights issues, a US senator said, with some of the withheld funds being redirected to Taiwan.

Rights groups call for accountability over 2013 Egypt sit-in killings

Rights groups called on Monday for accountability over the deaths of hundreds of people killed in a single day, 10 years ago, when Egyptian security forces dispersed a protest against the ouster of the country’s first democratically elected President, Reuters reports.

No recognition, no rights: The abject plight of Egypt’s Palestinian refugees

The situation Palestinian refugees face in Egypt is unique. In addition to being fewer in number than the large Palestinian communities that settled in pre-1948 Palestine’s other neighbouring countries (Syria, Jordan and Lebanon) they live in limbo; neither recognised as refugees nor as citizens.