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Periods in prison: a campaign to get healthcare for women inmates

As a woman detainee waited to learn her fate, another detainee arrived on her period. “She had been disappeared for 3 days and didn’t have a personal bag or anything with her. So when she first arrived she was drenched in her blood. She was a total mess and her …

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Egypt: Female detainees face serious violations inside Sisi’s prisons

A television report reviewed several cases of human rights violations against hundreds of Egyptian female detainees documented by international reports and highlighting the suffering of the families of these detainees amid the silence of the National Council for Human Rights, the National Council for Women and other women’s rights bodies …

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Catcalled in Cairo: Ending sexual harassment in Egypt

Sexual harassment towards women in Egypt is notorious. It is almost impossible to walk down a street in Cairo without being whistled at, whispered, tooted, or catcalled, and Egyptian women, regardless of their clothes or hijab know this. And since women began uploading their experiences to YouTube, Egypt has gained an …

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This Is What Happened When 15 Women Called Egypt’s Harassment Hotline

Across the last two weeks up until the launch of the new anti-sexual harassment campaign on Sunday, women from the Egyptian Streets team and 12 others were asked to call the National Council of Women’s (NCW) harassment hotline two to three times a day, at different times, in order to …

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