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Elections expected in September: Minister of Parliament Affairs

Minister of Transitional Justice and Parliament Affairs Ibrahim El-Heneidy expects parliamentary elections to be held in September 2015, with the first parliamentary session before the end of the year.

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Egypt’s opposition opens fire on government’s election law amendmentsMost

Recent amendments to three laws necessary to pave the way for Egypt’s long-delayed parliamentary elections have drawn fire from the country’s mainstream political parties. In several public statements, different opposition parties complained that the amendments, endorsed by the State Council’s Department of Legislation and Fatwas on Monday, fall far short of the electoral reforms they had suggested.

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Ahmed Shafiq’s return flusters Egyptian judiciary

Egyptian activists Hamdi Habib and Mohammad Imam started in April 2014 a campaign they named “You’re the President,” calling on Ahmed Shafiq, the former minister of civil aviation and the last prime minister under President Hosni Mubarak, to run in the 2014 presidential election. But when former Minister of Defense Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced his candidacy, …

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Sisi calls for unifying Egypt’s electoral lists

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi addressed his frayed relations with political parties May 27 by stating, during a meeting with them, that the presidential institution stands at an unbiased and equal distance from all political forces. The president proposed — and promised to support — a unified list of all political parties and forces that are to participate in …

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Gov’t has no intention to delay parliament elections: minister

The government has no intention to delay parliamentary elections, as it is keen on finalizing the elections law as soon as possible, Transitional Justice Ibrahim el-Heneidy said at a press conference Monday. “I do not have the authority to force the State Council to issue the elections law quickly, for …

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Parliament before end of 2015, Sisi tells political party heads

After a three-hour meeting with the heads of the country’s mainstream political parties Wednesday, Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi stressed that the long-delayed parliamentary elections will be held at the nearest possible time and that Egypt will have a new parliament before the end of 2015.

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