Monday , 15 August 2022

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Rights group says highschooler Mostafa Montaser died in police custody due to torture, authorities deny

Following the July death of a young man held in police custody in Alexandria, claimed by a rights organization to be the result of his subjection to torture, investigating authorities issued an official statement last week to absolve the police force of any responsibility in the case.

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Prisoner releases, judicial independence ignite backstage debate, as National Dialogue board determine agenda

“In truth, we had intensive discussions,” Diaa Rashwan told around 200 journalists assembled on Tuesday evening after another five-hour closed-door coordinating session for the National Dialogue, the state initiative being heralded as a forum for political discussion and inclusivity.

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Egypt releases dissidents following Sisi, Biden meeting

Egypt has reportedly released an unspecified number of detained dissident politicians and journalists in the wake of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s meeting with US President Joe Biden during the Jeddah Security and Development Summit on Saturday.

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US nationals urge Biden to help free relatives detained in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

A group of US nationals and residents whose relatives are detained in Saudi Arabia and Egypt are urging President Joe Biden to help secure their freedom as he prepares to travel to the Middle East this month to meet with the leaders of both countries.

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