Wednesday , 29 January 2020

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Egypt journalist’s life in danger after torture

The life of political prisoner and journalist Solafa Magdy is in danger as her health continues to deteriorate. Magdy was arrested in November along with her husband Hossam Al-Sayyad and a third journalist, Mohamed Salah, from a café in Cairo, and accused of disseminating false news and joining a banned …

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Egypt expands arrest campaigns ahead of revolution anniversary

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior yesterday claimed that it had uncovered a “hostile terrorist plot by the Muslim Brotherhood” aimed at undermining security and stability, creating chaos in the country and damaging its economic capabilities in conjunction with the commemoration of the 25 January Revolution.

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Egyptian court demands to know whereabouts of Arab Spring icon, Mostafa Al-Naggar

Egypt’s administrative court has ordered the country’s interior minister to reveal the location of a prominent Arab Spring activist and former lawmaker, local media has reported.

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A Statement by the Working Group on Egypt on the Death of Mustafa Kassem

The Working Group on Egypt is deeply saddened by the January 13 death of U.S. citizen Mustafa Kassem in a Cairo hospital, after a long hunger strike to protest his unjust imprisonment and inhumane detention conditions.

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