Tuesday , 24 May 2022

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Tribes become more involved in anti-terrorism operations in Sinai Peninsula

With the assistance of a large number of local tribal members fighting alongside the Egyptian army, Egyptian authorities have expanded their coordination with the tribes when confronting armed organizations in the Sinai Peninsula.

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Local Activism in post-2011 Egypt

Various forms of local activism in Egypt are challenging the shortcomings in local governance and the lack of any developmental urban vision.  This paper examines three examples from different neighbourhoods in Giza and Cairo. All three share the goal of resisting exclusionary policies while trying to overcome the absence of political …

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TIMEP Brief: Sinai Tribes in Egypt’s War on Terror

Egypt’s war on terror has intersected in many ways with the engagement of Sinai’s Bedouin tribespeople, who number about 250,000 in the region: Bedouin have been not only the victims and perpetrators of terror violence in the province but active participants in combating it.

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TIMEP Brief: Sectarian Violence

While sectarian violence in Egypt became of more pressing international concern after a series of deadly attacks by Egyptian militants (including those affiliated with the Islamic State), the issue is longstanding and pervasive. Sectarian violence has been perpetrated by non-state militant groups, by the state itself, and by Egyptian citizens, …

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