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Fact Sheet – The Dangers of Egypt’s Pending NGO Law

On November 29, 2016, the Egyptian Parliament voted overwhelmingly to pass a draconian new NGO law.* The legislation, which President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has not yet signed, contravenes international human rights standards and Egypt’s own constitution. The pending law is even more repressive than Egypt’s existing NGO Law (84/2002). If ratified, …

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Banned from travelling to receive award, Nazra’s director granted Alternative Nobel Prize

Amid sanctions imposed by Egyptian authorities, Nazra for Feminist Studies and its director, Mozn Hassan, were awarded the Right Livelihood Award—usually referred to as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”—in a large ceremony held by Right Livelihood Foundation in Cairo on Saturday night.

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Egypt’s NGO law aims to ‘erase civil society’

Egyptian human rights groups say they are being subject to a widening government crackdown targeting organisations accused [by the government] of threatening national security.

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The Attack on Civil Society Outside Cairo

Civil society in Egypt is undergoing an unprecedented wave of repression. The government is not only targeting NGOs that have played a vital role in documenting human rights violations. It appears the state is attempting to silence or subdue virtually the entire spectrum of civil society, including activists across the …

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