Monday , 30 January 2023
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Will Trump bring Egypt, Israel closer?

The possibility of normalization between Egypt and Israel resurfaces whenever any form of cooperation between both countries appears. One such example would be when the Israeli Embassy in Cairo recently posted on Facebook about its gratitude for the Egyptian government’s help in extinguishing wildfires in November.

No-islands, no-deal: Saudi Arabia sets conditions for forgiving Egypt

Saudi Arabia will not mend ties with Egypt until Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri is sacked and two contested Red Sea islands are transferred to Saudi sovereignty, a source close to the Saudi ambassador in Cairo told The New Arab’s sister publication.

UK criticizes new NGO law calling it a ‘step backwards’

The British government has criticized Egypt’s new NGO law, calling it “a step backwards.” This is the first intergovernmental response to the law since it was passed by Parliament on November 29.

Egypt is giant prison, activists banned from travel say

Azza Soliman was due to board a plane to attend a conference in Jordan when security officials at Cairo airport turned her away, saying a court order banned her from travelling.

Egypt’s top court upholds controversial protest law

Egypt’s top court has struck down part of a law that allowed authorities to ban all but officially sanctioned protests, a court official said Saturday, but upheld other areas of the law which critics say made the ruling meaningless.

MPs demand dismissal of Egypt’s permanent representative to UN

Several members of parliament demanded the dismissal of Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Amr Ramadan, in a request to parliamentary speaker Ali Abdul Aal during Tuesday’s session, state media reported.