Friday , 9 December 2022
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Border dispute among many straws weighing on Egypt’s back

The long-running land dispute between Egypt and Sudan is rearing its head again and each side is taking steps that incite the other. The tension, fueled by several issues, has grown to the point where Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in an effort to calm the situation, announced today that …

Egypt to study measures to reply to summoning of Sudanese ambassador from Cairo

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said that it is evaluating the whole situation to take the most suitable decision, following Sudan’s summoning of its ambassador to Egypt last Thursday. The spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Abu Zeid, said that Egypt was informed of the situation.

Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian FMs reject foreign interventions in Libya

The Egyptian, Tunisian, and Algerian ministers of foreign affairs reaffirmed their rejection of any foreign interventions in Libyan internal affairs, as well as all forms of escalation or hindrance to the political process in the country, read a statement issued by the three parties following their meeting on Sunday.

Parliament to discuss boycotting American products as Pence due in Cairo Wednesday

As US delegations are arriving to prepare for the visit of Vice President Mike Pence, who is due in Cairo for a meeting with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the Egyptian parliament is planning to discuss a draft law to boycot American products.