Tuesday , 13 April 2021
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Egyptian TV network’s sale concerns free-press advocates

It appears the Egyptian government has indirectly tightened its hold on the media yet again. An Egyptian security company’s subsidiary acquired al-Hayat TV network for 1.4 billion Egyptian pounds ($80 million) from Sigma Media Group.

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Al-Bawaba confiscated for report on fugitive former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly

The Sunday edition of the privately owned Al-Bawaba newspaper was confiscated by unidentified authorities for reporting on the disappearance of former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly, who has not been seen since he was convicted of corruption in April.

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Youm7 petitions syndicate to discipline 3 of its journalists for ‘conspiring with Hezbollah-affiliated’ media

The privately owned Youm7 newspaper filed a complaint with the Journalists Syndicate to request that three of its journalists be referred to a disciplinary committee for “harming the image of the newspaper” and “conspiring with a media institution affiliated with Hezbollah,” according to a statement Youm7 published on Monday.

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Belahmar blocked, bringing total number of blocked websites to 127

Access to leftist website Belahmar was barred on Egyptian internet service providers on Monday, 60 days since the first blockages, bringing the total number of inaccessible websites to 127 according to data compiled by the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE).

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Peaceful strike should not be punishable offence: Supreme Administrative Court

Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court ruled on Saturday that peaceful strikes over work complaints are not punishable offence, even in the absence of a legislative law regulating the action(s), as long as the demands of the strike are legitimate and represent the rights of workers.

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