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Sisi takes the UN stage while he crushes human rights groups at home

Hours before President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi left for the UN General Assembly, an Egyptian court ruled that the assets of five prominent human rights activists and three non-governmental organisations would be frozen. The justification for this ruling was that the groups had received foreign funding without state approval.

The Shrinking Independence of Egypt’s Labor Unions

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is turning against the unions that have helped put him in power. The state has set its sights on the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions (Al-Ittihad al-Masri lil-Naqabat al-Mustaqilla, EFITU), which operates as a large umbrella of non-governmental labor unions.

What Egyptians can learn from Turkey’s failed coup

“The Turkish Army Topples Erdogan”, said the red headline of Al-Ahram’s front page, the leading state-owned Egyptian newspaper on July, 16. It reflected the wishful thinking of the ruling regime in Egypt, which came to power after plotting a brutal coup against the first democratically elected Egyptian president three years ago.

The 4 times in Egyptian history civilian workers were tried by military courts

Since the army-led takeover of the Egyptian state in July 1952, there have been four historic cases in which military courts tried civilian workers for protesting in demand of basic labor rights. Most recently, on Saturday a military trial began of 26 Alexandria Shipyard Company employees on charges of instigating …

Egypt’s unsustainable military regime

When Egyptians poured into Tahrir Square in January 2011, the last thing they wanted was a military regime. Five years later, Egypt is looking more like the 1960s when the military ruled the country. Most provincial governors are former military officers, the military controls more than half of Egypt’s economy and President …

Will Egyptian parliament cut into the military’s profit margin?

Egypt’s politicians are preparing to do battle against its army. A number of lawmakers in the country’s recently elected parliament are working on laws designed to provide answers to questions about the army’s money and its place in the national budget.

Anatomy of an election – How Egypt’s 2015 parliament was elected to maintain loyalty to the president

On the first day of the new year Hazem Abdel Azim, a former official with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s presidential campaign, published what he called “a testament to the truth of the president’s parliament.” In it, he offered details that for the first time exposed the role of the General Intelligence Agency in …

554 cases of banned entry, travel bans in Egypt since 2011

There have been 554 cases of politically motivated banned entry and travel bans imposed by Egyptian authorities in airports since February 11, 2011, according to the independent information platform Daftar Ahwal.