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Top auditor Hesham Geneina talks to Mada Masr about the quest to oust him

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi passed a decree on July 9, giving him the right to remove the heads of oversight and independent bodies from their previously protected positions if they pose a proven threat to national security or fail to carry out their duties.

Former Egypt president Morsi seeks to overturn death sentence

A member of former Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi’s legal team, Mohammad al-Damaty, has said the defence team is preparing to appeal in the Court of Cassation against the death sentences handed down to Morsi and a number of leaders of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the cases known in the …

Elections expected in September: Minister of Parliament Affairs

Minister of Transitional Justice and Parliament Affairs Ibrahim El-Heneidy expects parliamentary elections to be held in September 2015, with the first parliamentary session before the end of the year.

Law passed to protect parliament from dissolution

The State Council approved a law on Tuesday stipulating that the upcoming parliament is immune to dissolution in the case that the Supreme Constitutional Court deems the parliamentary elections law unconstitutional, according to local media outlets.

Egypt’s opposition opens fire on government’s election law amendmentsMost

Recent amendments to three laws necessary to pave the way for Egypt’s long-delayed parliamentary elections have drawn fire from the country’s mainstream political parties. In several public statements, different opposition parties complained that the amendments, endorsed by the State Council’s Department of Legislation and Fatwas on Monday, fall far short of the electoral reforms they had suggested.

Sisi calls for unifying Egypt’s electoral lists

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi addressed his frayed relations with political parties May 27 by stating, during a meeting with them, that the presidential institution stands at an unbiased and equal distance from all political forces. The president proposed — and promised to support — a unified list of all political parties and forces that are to participate in …

Egypt’s opposition parties organise petition to abolish protest law

A petition calling upon Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court to review a controversial protest law was signed by 358 people in two weeks, Khaled Dawoud, spokesperson for the Constitution party said Tuesday during a press conference at the Egypt Freedom Party headquarters.

8 أحزاب تقدم التماسا للمحكمة الدستورية العليا لتحديد موعد لنظر الطعن على قانون التظاهر

أعلنت ثمانية أحزاب من مختلف التوجهات السياسية، اليوم الثلاثاء، أنها ستقدم التماسا إلى المحكمة الدستورية العليا تطلب فيه تحديد أقرب موعد للنظر في الطعن المقدم أمامها بشأن دستورية عدد من مواد قانون التظاهر.