Monday , 25 January 2021
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Is Egypt behind Sudanese escalation on border with Ethiopia?

Sudan’s Sovereignty Council Chairman Abdul Fattah Burhan said at a Jan. 16 press conference that deployment of Sudanese troops on the border with Ethiopia and the army’s control of the border areas were driven by domestic willingness, rather than foreign incitement. He denied the presence of any party pitting Sudan …

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Egypt assembles bipartisan lobbying team for post-Trump era

The Egyptian government has wasted no time preparing for a post-President Donald Trump era, assembling a bipartisan powerhouse lobbying team that includes retired Republican congressman Ed Royce and a former top aide to Democratic House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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Egypt dodges Trump’s ire as White House orders massive last-minute aid cuts

US military aid to Egypt, Jordan and Israel was explicitly excluded from a list of deep cuts to domestic and foreign spending ordered by the White House in a last-minute sign of outgoing President Donald Trump’s frustration with last month’s omnibus spending package.

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