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Higher Education Ministry confidentially grants exceptions to judges, officers’ sons, daughters

Higher Education Minister Al-Sayed Abdel Khaleq received confidential authorization from the Supreme Council of Universities on August 16, stating that the children of judges, police and army officers were to be exempt from geographical allocations in universities.

NCHR’s favorable review of al-Aqrab prison sparks controversy

“There is no systematic torture in Egyptian prisons,” said the head of Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), Mohamed Fayeq, following a recent visit by council members to al-Aqrab Prison, Egypt’s most famous high-security prison facility and one section of the Tora prisons’ complex, south of Cairo.

Foreign Ministry launches English blog to ‘correct misconceptions’ about Egypt

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday the launch of a new English blog to “enhance its communication with the world” and to address “inaccurate” reports about Egypt in foreign media.

Egyptian army figures respond to reports that US is reconsidering its presence in Sinai

After the Associated Press reported Wednesday that United States peacekeeping forces are potentially considering pulling out of the turbulent Sinai Peninsula, sources from the Egyptian military voiced their anger and skepticism about the move.