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University staff in Egypt receive military training

The Egyptian government is organizing training sessions for second- and third-rank university professors, administrators and employees to train them in leadership and organizational skills at Nasser Higher Military Academy, under the supervision of sociology professors and military generals.

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Carrots and sticks: How students were made into poster children for the constitutional amendments referendum

During the referendum days, the youth, with full consciousness and dedication and bearing their responsibility towards their country, lined up and voted their opinion on amending their country’s constitution. With their bare hands, they wrote their own future and that of their own children. So we should thank Egypt’s youth, …

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‘Incomprehensible’: Analysts cast doubt on Egypt referendum’s high turnout

Egypt observers and analysts have expressed serious doubts over the higher-than-normal turnout figures announced by the country’s electoral authority, adding to reports of vote buying and the overall climate of repression that surrounded the vote that ended on Monday.

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How Al-Azhar’s grand imam survived the constitutional amendments

As part of the raft of controversial amendments to Egypt’s Constitution slated to be put to a public referendum later this month, a proposed article would have featured a less independent Al-Azhar — Egypt’s highest Islamic institution and an authority on Sunni Islam worldwide — a source close to Al-Azhar’s …

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Sisi keeps watchful eye on Al-Azhar’s growing role abroad

Egypt’s Al-Azhar has had a significant presence abroad in recent years, especially in its efforts to counter the effects of the Islamic State’s rise in several countries. The Sunni religious and educational institution has undertaken joint programs to support Islamic countries’ fight against extremism and participated in conferences held by international organizations.

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Fatwa Law: regulation or restricting freedom of expression?

A bill to regulate fatwas (religious edict), expected to soon be passed by the Egyptian Parliament, raises concerns over setting more restrictions on freedom of expression, especially since the draft law imposes a prison sentence and a fine without accurately defining the “irregular fatwa,” the one in violation of the …

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