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The Military’s Immunity in Egypt

On July 16, the Egyptian Parliament approved the Law Concerning the Treatment of Some Senior Officers of the Armed Forces, the latest in a number of legislative maneuvers to consolidate the power of the presidency over the military and provide immunity to senior military personnel who might be accused of …

Egypt’s Authorities Co-opt Transitional Justice in New Draft Law

In a country in which transitional justice has been scoffed at as a secondary concern and in which the legislature has failed to pass a transitional justice law despite a constitutional requirement to do so, many observers found it ironic when Egypt’s House of Representatives preliminarily approved on July 3 …

Who murdered Giulio Regeni?

When the battered body of a Cambridge PhD student was found outside Cairo, Egyptian police claimed he had been hit by a car. Then they said he was the victim of a robbery. Then they blamed a conspiracy against Egypt. But in a digital age, it’s harder than ever to …

Two years later: Who is to blame for Rabea?

Two years after the bloody dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya protest camp that claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people in August 2013, the Egyptian state insists on one culprit for the violence: the Muslim Brotherhood.