Wednesday , 29 January 2020

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Public prosecutor granted greater powers to freeze funds unrelated to terror activity

The government has granted the public prosecutor greater powers to freeze the assets, funds and property of individuals and organizations included on terrorist lists, even if those resources were never used for so-called terrorist activity. The move was criticized by a judicial official at the Court of Appeals as providing …

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Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Hussein held in Egypt prison for 3 years

Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein has now been held in an Egyptian prison without charge for three years. Hussein, an Egyptian national, was arrested shortly after his arrival in Egypt on December 20, 2016, while on a personal visit.

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Abducted Egypt rights worker to appear before prosecutors amid unprecedented crackdown on activism

An Egyptian human rights activist who was not seen or heard from for 10 days will appear before a local prosecutor, his wife said on Friday. The rights group he works for said it believes his arrest is the latest targeting of human rights workers by the regime.

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Lawyers: New case against Qassas a tactic to keep political prisoners jailed beyond 2-year remand detention limit

Mohamed al-Qassas, the Strong Egypt Party’s deputy president, was ordered released from prison last week after spending 22 months in remand detention only to find his detention would continue on fresh charges in a new case three days later. Defense lawyers criticized the move as a cruel tactic by authorities …

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