Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Ethiopia took advantage of 2011 turmoil in Egypt to build GERD: PM

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly on Wednesday delivered an urgent statement to the plenary session of the House of Representatives regarding the latest developments of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) crisis and the results of Egypt’s diplomacy with Ethiopia and Sudan.

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Cairo, Khartoum seem to be moving in same circles

The protests against Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir’s rule erupted on Dec. 19, 2018. The power-sharing agreement was signed Aug. 17 between Sudan’s transitional military council and the opposition representatives. Cairo, however, has not been distant from what has been happening in neighboring Sudan and has acted as a catalyst in …

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Sisi Has New Plans on the Future of PM Madbouly

The main decision-making circles of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's regime have begun new deliberations on the future of Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly. The potential reshuffle comes as Egypt's parliament is in the last week of its fourth legislative term that started in October 2018. It's fifth and last term is expected to start this coming October. The General Intelligence Service (GIS), headed by General Abbas Kamel, would like there to be a broad ministerial reshuffle, sources told The New Arab, including a change in prime minister - citing a number of his failures. "He is hardworking and has constructive ideas," the source said, "but he is incapable of seeing them through," claiming that meetings are often plagued by clashes between ministers. It is unclear who would replace Madbouly. Sources told The New Arab that some lawmakers have put forward the Minister of Planning, Hala al-Saeed. As the first woman to potentially head Egypt's government, she is seen a key way to improve the image of Egypt abroad. Saeed in her role as Minister of Planning is also responsible for Egypt's negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, as well as other donors and lender, putting her in a key position. Egypt's government is introducing a range of other cuts on public spending as part of $12 billion bail-out loan from the IMF that Cairo secured in 2016. Others inside Sisi's close circle are looking to other successful minister, such as the Minister of Electricity Mohammed Shaker. Minister of Petroleum Tariq al-Muslla and Minister of Communications Amr Talat, have also been mentioned in light of the growing interest in cybersecurity. Meanwhile, Egypt's parliament on Monday approved amendments to a controversial law that rights groups say imposes strict curbs on non-governmental organisations. Sisi has faced international condemnation for a crackdown on civil society groups since he took power in 2014, a year after the military toppled president Mohamed Morsi. In May, information about a cabinet reshuffle was widely circulated in government circles, resulting in a semi-paralysis of some ministers. Egypt's last cabinet reshuffle took place in June 2018 and included the appointment of Medbouli as Prime Minister.

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