Friday , 28 February 2020
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Egypt: 8 executed in one day

Eight men were executed yesterday in Egypt in what is thought to be the first death sentences carried out in the country so far in 2020. The defendants were among 17 men who had been sentenced to death in a military court in May 2019 and accused of attacking three …

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Mubarak dies at 91 but his legacy lives on: Corruption, impunity, brutality

When former President Hosni Mubarak was acquitted of corruption in January 2015, analysts had already predicted it as a foregone conclusion. For many it was evidence that the deep state existed. The deep state is a phrase that would regularly become associated with Egyptian politics after the 2011 revolution. Sadat, …

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Why is Egypt seeking African military force?

During the African Union (AU) Summit in Ethiopia Feb. 9, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi put forward a proposal to hold an African summit aimed at establishing a joint African military force to combat terrorism. “The most important challenges facing Africa the past year — during which Egypt chaired the …

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Caught in a Debtor’s Prison

In Libya, Egypt is in a sort of debtor’s prison. Given the trajectory of the Middle East and North Africa since the so-called Arab Spring a decade ago, not to mention the 1,158 kilometer border shared with Libya and arms flows from the country to Sinai, Egypt’s involvement in Libya …

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