Thursday , 24 June 2021
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How Sisi Beat Biden’s Human Rights Policy

Egypt is central to regional stability, and, as such, it remains a critical partner for the United States. The Egyptians have just been waiting for the Americans to realize this fact…again. Fair enough. But history also suggests it’s only a matter of time until the United States starts questioning Egypt’s …

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Biden accused of U-turn over Egypt’s human rights abuses: Critics say US president’s realpolitik ignores Sisi regime’s ‘hostage-taking tactics’ against dissidents

Joe Biden and the Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, held their first official call in late May, four months after Biden took office. As a candidate, Biden promised that there would be “no blank checks” for the man Donald Trump once addressed as “my favourite dictator”. Yet when they spoke, …

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Egypt used Gaza ceasefire to ‘improve its standing in Washington’

As the first Israeli missile landed on the besieged Gaza Strip, marking the start of an 11-day military offensive, Egypt saw a “tremendous opportunity” to assert itself politically in the region and, as many analysts say, to prove itself to the new US administration.

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