Tuesday , 28 January 2020
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ُEuropean Parliament condemns human rights breaches in Egypt

The European Parliament strongly condemns the latest state crackdown on peaceful anti-government protests, as well as the ongoing restrictions on fundamental rights in the country. Egyptian authorities have in the past weeks arbitrarily arrested over 4300 people who have been protesting against systemic corruption, repression and austerity measures, and have …

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After Protest: Pathways Beyond Mass Mobilization

In Egypt, civic activist strategies after the 2011 revolution that ousted president Hosni Mubarak became highly polarized around a division between secularists and Islamists. This divide dominated activists’ choice of postprotest pathways and led both camps into supporting nondemocratic political dynamics—a state of affairs that has suppressed most forms of …

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Can new amendment undermine Egyptian women’s rights to divorce?

A member of Egypt’s parliamentary Human Rights Committee has sparked controversy after proposing an amendment to Article 20 of the country’s Personal Status Law, which, if approved, would deny Egyptian women the right to divorce except in cases of “extreme harm to the wife.”

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Egypt’s latest protests are an alarm bell for Sisi

In over three weeks of protests, local authorities arrested almost 3,000 people, and imposed a curfew in all major Egyptian cities. While limited in numbers, the demonstrators took to the streets to protest the regime and the weakness of the Egyptian political system: increasing corruption, draconian repression, and economic instability.

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UN urges Egypt to probe state-sponsored torture allegations

The UN on Friday condemned Egypt over the recent arrests of prominent activists and demanded that Cairo probe allegations that they were tortured by security services while in custody.

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