Friday , 22 October 2021
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Egypt court releases 130 defendants held in political cases

An Egyptian court has ordered the release of 130 defendants held in political cases this week, according to a human rights lawyer, Anadolu Agency reports. Opposition website Darb cited human rights lawyer Khaled Ali as saying that the Cairo Criminal Court released 130 defendants held in 20 political cases.

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Fears grow for Egyptians in US over Cairo’s transnational repression campaign

Apparent inaction from the Biden administration in the face of Egypt’s campaign of repression against dissidents abroad has led to a heightened climate of fear for activists and their families, Egyptian activists, academics and rights groups have said.

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Why ‘political Islam’ can be a gateway to democracy

The post 9/11 “war on terror”, which fuelled a dramatic upsurge in Islamophobia across the West through the stigmatisation of all Muslims as potential terrorists or “jihadist sympathisers”, has now been dramatically expanded into a war not just against actual terrorism, but also “Islamism”, “political Islam” and non-Muslims labelled as …

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