Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Ayman Nour reviews developments of initiative of national dialogue to save Egypt

The leader of the Ghad Al-Thawra (Tomorrow’s Revolution) and former Egyptian presidential candidate, Ayman Nour, announced a second consultative meeting on a national dialogue to save Egypt. This follows his previous initiative which he launched on 24 April through Arabi21’s platform, in the presence of Egyptian political figures and oppositionists …

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Alone at the Top in Egypt

Official Egyptian responses to civil conflict and political transitions among countries since early 2019 have shown an instinctive preference to help a military strongman to power in Libya and preserve the overriding say of the armed forces in the governing arrangements of Sudan and Algeria.

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Denied medical care, 2 political prisoners die in Egypt jail

Egyptian political prisoner Omar Adel died in Egypt’s Tora Prison yesterday at the age of 29. His family tried to visit him on Saturday but were sent home after being told that Omar was being held in solitary confinement as a punishment after they found him with a mobile phone.

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Egypt: Peaceful activists among hundreds subjected to arbitrary overnight probation measures

Egyptian authorities are continuing their use of arbitrary and excessive overnight probation measures to further punish peaceful activists by forcing them to overnight in crowded police cells after their release from prison, said Amnesty International today.

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