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Amnesty accuses Egypt of “unprecedented” repression, torture and executions six years after coup

The human rights organization Amnesty International said on Wednesday that the Egyptian authorities have passed a series of laws designed to “legalize” unprecedented repression, six years after democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi was ousted in a military coup on July 3 2013. Morsi died in an Egyptian courtroom on June …

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Egyptian activists arrested as Cairo cracks down on critics

Lawyer Ziad al-Uleimi was walking to his car in the Cairo residential suburb of Maadi in the early hours of June 25 when he was abducted. Witnesses say the former member of parliament was taken by National Security officers. Uleimi resurfaced hours later at the State Security offices, where he had …

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‘Hospitals are for the dying’: Medical negligence inside Egyptian prisons

Inside his prison cell, Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh’s health has severely deteriorated. This past weekend, the 68-year-old former presidential candidate suffered two heart attacks in less than 24 hours, according to his son. “This is the result of inhumane conditions in prison and his deliberate mistreatment,” Ahmed Aboul Fotouh wrote. …

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Egypt’s Ministry of Endowment describes MB as ‘Khawarij’

Under the title “Contemporary Khawarij in Demise, Home survives,” Egypt’s Ministry of Endowment has released a video-graphic on the sixth anniversary of June 30 Revolution, resembling the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to the first group of political dissenters announced their disobedience and killed their leader in the Islamic history.

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Brotherhood seeks international pressure to prosecute army leaders

Egypt has come under mounting international criticism over its human rights record, in light of hundreds of cases of deaths and torture in detention facilities, restrictions on freedom of expression and use of the death penalty. These days, the Muslim Brotherhood, banned by the government following the toppling of President Mohammed Morsi …

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Egyptian ex-officials urge UN human rights office to investigate Morsi’s death

Former members of Mohammad Morsi’s government have called on the UN office of human rights to investigate the death of the former Egyptian president, who collapsed last week during a court hearing in Cairo. 

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