Friday , 22 October 2021
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Egypt: Twelve dissidents face execution while security forces enjoy impunity over Rabaa massacre

The Egyptian authorities have failed to hold to account a single member of security forces for killing at least 900 people during their violent dispersal of sit-ins in Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda squares, Amnesty International said today on the eve of the eighth anniversary of the massacre.

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Egypt says US lawmakers seeking to block aid are being ‘deceived by terrorist group’

Egypt’s ambassador to the United States has said lawmakers trying to limit the annual $1.3 billion in military aid Cairo receives from Washington are being “deceived” by members of a “terrorist organisation”.

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Egypt enrolls Russian imams in ‘fatwa training program’ to combat Brotherhood

Egypt has recently stepped up its support for Russia in the fight against extremist ideologies and groups, most notably the Muslim Brotherhood. On Aug. 3, Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta (the Egyptian authority responsible for issuing religious edicts) announced the graduation of 21 imams from Russia from a training camp on the …

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Generation Tahrir: The catharsis of narrating a broken dream

A particular form of political activism was born during the Arab uprisings that believed in the power of mass protest movements to create political change. So entrenched had the ruling sclerotic holdovers from the decolonisation age become that they could not imagine the peasants had it in them to revolt …

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