Friday , 22 October 2021
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The Battle over Egypt’s Judiciary

Egypt’s elected Islamists have locked horns in a struggle with the judiciary that veers between full confrontation and guarded accommodation. Islamists’ concerns about the judiciary are not unfounded, but as the dominant political actors in the country today, the choice between confrontation and accommodation is largely theirs to make.

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A question of human dignity: Arguments against the death penalty in Egypt

Egyptian politics is like a rollercoaster ride, with perhaps a few high points but certainly a lot of low points. And, given the (often directionless) speed with which the cart is moving, it is difficult for anyone to keep up with political developments in Egypt – let alone, make sense …

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Crisis Highlights Urgent Need for Reforms

The latest crisis in Egypt highlights the urgent need for the government to finally begin reforming the security sector and ensuring accountability for past abuses, Human Rights Watch said today while releasing its World Report 2013. Egypt gained its first democratically elected president in 2012, but overall the year was marked by a …

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Second Anniversary: On “Defending” or “Protecting” the 25th of January Revolution

Soon, the second anniversary of the 25th of January revolution will be upon us.  However, for many Egyptians there is not much to celebrate.  The socio-economic situation is deteriorating and political rights are not improving either. The country is in a mess socially, politically and economically. Unfortunately, ordinary Egyptians bear the brunt …

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